Imrich Secansky

(September 6th, 1914 Budapest – October 29th, 2013 Bratislava)

After his studies at the Medical Faculty at Charles University in Prague and at the Slovak University in Bratislava he began to work as a secondary physician at the Medical Institute of a Social Workers Insurance Company in Slovakia. During the post-war period, he set up a new system in hospitals. He sorted patient's diets according to the type and level of their disease and established a canteen meals facilities system in the factories, schools and public sector in Slovakia.

Imrich Secansky was the founder and the Head of the State Institute for the Nutrition of People and Dietetics, the founder of a Nursing School, the co-founder of the very first Hotel School in Piešťany, Slovakia and the first dietary restaurant in Czechoslovakia. From 1953 to 1994 he worked as an internal diabetologist at the National Health Institute at Bezručova Hospital in Bratislava. As a doctor, he worked until he was 82 years of age.

His research and publishing activities in the field of internal medicine, diabetology, dietetics and rational nutrition were rich and abundant. He focused on these issues in more than 20 monographic and collective writings, several of which were translated into Czech, Polish and Russian.

His articles have been published since 1930 in newspapers (Práca, Pravda, Smena, Večerník) and magazines (DAV, Pero, Slovenka, Slovensko, Život). He is the author of Slovak memoir literature, “Spomienky a vyznania lekára. Polstoročie slovenskej internej medicíny” (1997), for which he was awarded the E. E. Kisch Award. He received many prizes and awards for his scientific and publishing activites. In 2013, he was inducted to the Slovak Medical Society Hall of Fame.

Every year, the Obesitology Section of the Slovak Diabetes Society awards the Dr. Imrich Secansky Award on the occasion of Slovak Obesitology Days for international participation in work in the field of obesitology at the national and international level.

The first holder of the Secansky Award was doc. MD, Boris Krahulec, CSc. in 2015, the Chairman of the Obesitology Section of the Slovak Diabetology Society (2002–2014) and the founder of Slovak Obesity Days with international participation.

In 2016, the Secansky Award was awarded to doc. MD. Igo Kajab, CSc., a Slovak specialist in nutrition, internal medicine, gastroenterology and clinical dietology and a long-time member of the Obesitology Section of the Slovak Diabetes Society.

The third Secansky Award in 2017 is going to be awarded to prof. MD. Iwar Klimeš, DrSc. for his work in the field of basal and clinical research in integrated physiology, genetics, diagnostic and the treatment of diabetes mellitus, metabolic and endocrine diseases.

Secansky inaugural lecture

Monogenic diabetes and obesity in Slovakia
Klimeš I, Gašperíková D (Slovakia)

Professor Iwar Klimes, professor of pathophysiology/ endocrinology, diabetes and metabolism at the Comenius University School of Medicine in Bratislava has spent three decades in basic and clinical research in integrated physiology, genetics, diagnostics and treatment of diabetes, metabolic and endocrine diseases. He is the long-standing member of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and former director of the Institute of Experimental Endocrinology (currently Biomedical Research Center), where he created new research stream aimed at diabetes and metabolic disorders. During his carrier he worked at several scientific institutions including NIDDKD-NIH, Phoenix, Arizona, USA, Department of Medicine, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, USA, Medlantic Research Institute, Washington, DC, USA, University of Leicester, UK and Garvan Research Institute, Sydney, Australia

His professional interest has involved mainly type 2. Diabetes and obesity, metabolic syndrome, lipid metabolism and insulin resistance and molecular mechanisms and clinical aspects of the aforementioned diseases states. In the last decade he has focused on DNA analysis of monogenic forms of diabetes mellitus and obesity. His main research achievements include pathophysiological explanation of intensified insulin treatment in type 2. diabetes, he participated at the breakthrough international study showing that patients with mutations in potassium channel benefit from switching from insulin to sulphonylurea treatment. His effort resulted in the establishment of Laboratory of Diabetes and Metabolic Disorders and DIABGENE Laboratory, the first DNA diagnostic laboratory for monogenic diabetes and obesity in Slovakia.

Professor Klimes was editor of several international journals including Diabetologia, Archives of Biochemistry and Physiology and Diabetes and Stoffwechsel. He worked as an international panel expert evaluator for European Commission. At the national level he was serving as chairmen of Slovak Endocrine Society, chairmen of the Slovak “Research Professor Board” and vice-chairmen of the Slovak Diabetes Association. His scientific activity includes more the 200 in extenso publications, he is author or co-author of 6 monographs, the editor of 4 textbooks on diabetes, endocrinology and obesity and he has been invited to present at more than 20 international meetings and several institutions abroad.