Thursday, October 5th 2017

11:30–19:00     Onsite registration
13:00–13:30     Welcome snack
13:30–14:30     Opening ceremony
        Welcome address
        Ľubomíra Fábryová
President of the Obesitology Section of Slovak Diabetes Society & chair of the congress
        Emil Martinka
President of the Slovak Diabetes Society
        Juraj Šteňo
Dean of the Faculty of Medicine Comenius University in Bratislava
        Hermann Toplak
President of the European Association for the Study of Obesity
        Andrej Kiska J. E.
President of Slovak Republic
        Slovak Ministry of Health
Handing over honorary diplomas, medals and honorary memberships of the Obesitology Section of Slovak Diabetes Society
14:30–15:00     Sečanský inaugural lecture
        Monogenic diabetes and obesity in Slovakia
Klimeš I, Staník J, Gašperíková D (Slovakia)
15:00–15:20     Coffee Break
15:20–16:50     Obesity epidemics – Problem of Central Europe
chairs: Toplak H (Austria), Fábryová Ľ (Slovakia), Halmy E (Hungary)
15:20–15:45     Obesity in Europe 1986–2017
Toplak H (Austria)
15:45–16:10     Nutrition, physical activity and obesity epidemic
16:10–16:30     Situation in the management of obese patients in the Slovak Republic
Fábryová Ľ (Slovakia)
16:30–16:50     Obesity management in Hungary. Hungarian comprehensive health tests program 2010–2020
Halmy E (Hungary)
16:50–17:10     Vitamin Break
17:10–18:30     Do we need obesity specialists? – round table discussion
        Coordinator: Hainer V (Czech Republic)
        Participants: EASO Executive Committee: Toplak H (Austria), Yumuk V (Turkey)
        Representatives of the National Obesity Associations: Fried M (Czech Republic), Halmy E (Hungary), Olszanecka-Glinianowicz M (Poland), Fábryová Ľ (Slovakia), Holéczy P (Slovakia), Handjieva-Darlenska T (Bulgaria), Tsigos C (Greece)
18:30–19:30     Welcome drink



Friday, October 6th 2017

07:00–07:30     Morning Exercise activity (place TBA)
07:30–19:00     Onsite Registration
08:00–09:20     Bariatric/Metabolic surgery I.
chairs: Holéczy P (Slovakia), Wylezol M (Poland)
08:00–08:20     Overview of new trends in bariatric and metabolic surgery
Fried M (Czech Republic)
08:20–08:40     Predictors of weight loss and weight regain after obesity surgery
Yumuk V (Turkey)
08:40–09:00     Surgery for diabetes and DSS-II guidelines
Holéczy P (Slovakia)
09:00–09:20     Bariatric surgery in Poland. What’s new?
Wylezol M (Poland)
09:20–09:30     Coffee Break
09:30–11:20     Physical activity in the treatment of obesity, diabetes, and other comorbidities
chairs: Ukropcová B (Slovakia), Matoulek M (Czech Republic)
09:30–09:50     Physical activity in the treatment of obesity or future is in the muscle
Matoulek M (Czech Republic)
09:50–10:10     The effects and mediators of acute and regular exercise on glucose metabolism, cognitive and motor functions in middle-aged sedentary and elderly individuals
Ukropcová B (Slovakia)
10:10–10:30     High-Intensity Interval Training as a Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes?
Pesta D (Gemany)
10:30–10:50     Does fat loss require fat burning? Role of exercised skeletal muscle
Kuo C-H (Taiwan)
10:50–11:05     Effectiveness of complex non-pharmacological treatment of obese patients in Bardejov Spa
Belovičová M (Slovakia)
11:05–11:20     Sarcopenic obesity: diagnosis and nutritional treatment
Krajčík S, Mikuš P (Slovakia)
11:20–11:30     Vitamin Break
11:30–12:35     Childhood obesity I.
chair: Luger M (Austria)
11:30–11:50     Prevention of obesity in children, Health 2020, the first experiences of Health 2020 in Czech Republic
11:50–12:05     Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative (COSI) in the Czech Republic
Kunešová M (Czech Republic)
12:05–12:20     Prevention of childhood obesity in Bulgaria
Handjiev S, Handjieva-Darlenska T (Bulgaria)
12:20–12:35     Overweight and obesity in children – WHO Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative in Slovakia
Tichá Ľ (Slovakia)
12:35–13:35     Lunch symposium
12:35–12:55     Patophysiology of cardiovascular and renal benefits of SGLT-2 inhibitors and its implications for clinical practice
Tkáč I (Slovakia)
12:55–13:35     SGLT-2 inhibitors and cardiovascular risk
Martinka E (Slovakia)
13:35–15:10     Childhood obesity II.
chairs: Kunešová M (Czech Republic), Schusterová I (Slovakia)
13:35–13:50     Preventing childhood obesity in Hungary – the GYERE® program
Szűcs Z, Kubányi J, Szigetvári S (Hungary)
13:50–14:05     Setting up obesity school programs: Challenges & examples
Luger M (Austria)
14:05–14:25     “Obesity reduction program – School of obesity” and utility of non-traditional risk factors and biomarkers in cardiovascular disease risk assessment
Tóhátyová A (Slovakia)
14:25–14:40     Risk factors of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in Slovak adolescents: association with obesity
Gerová Z (Slovakia)
14:40–14:55     Epicardial adipose tissue and cardiometabolic risk factors in overweight and obese children and adolescents
Schusterová I (Slovakia/Canada)
14:55–15:10     What is the influence of a weight loss program on cognitive functions in obese adolescents?
Tresignie J (Belgium)
15:10–15:25     Coffee Break
15:25–16:55     Adipose tissue, thermogenic and metabolic organ
chairs: Wolfrum C (Switzerland), Ukropec J (Slovakia)
15:25–15:45     Identification of the brown and brite adipocyte signature in mice and men
Wolfrum C (Switzerland)
15:45–16:00     Metabolic and thermogenic activity of brown fat and obesity-related metabolic disease in men
Ukropec J (Slovakia)
16:00–16:15     Identification of novel targets with potential to promote brown adipocyte function
Baláž M (Switzerland)
16:15–16:30     Dietary n-3 fatty acids as phospholipids improve insulin sensitivity of the liver and skeletal muscle in dietary obese mice
Rossmeisl M (Czech Republic)
16:30–16:45     Noninvasive MRI and MRS based approaches to study metabolism in obesity
Chmelík M (Austria/Slovakia)
16:45–16:55     Treatment of osteoarthritis with freshly isolated stromal vascular fraction cells from adipose and connective tissue
Michálek J (Czech Republic)
16:55–17:10     Vitamin Break
17:10–18:55     Genetics of obesity and diabetes
chairs: Kovacs P (Germany), Gašperíková D (Slovakia)
17:10–17:30     Pharmacogenomic aspects in the treatment of type 2 diabetes
Tkáč I (Slovakia)
17:30–17:50     Genetics of obesity: Consequences for personalized medicine
Kovacs P (Germany)
17:50–18:10     Development of adipose tissue in childhood obesity in children and relation to comorbidities
Körner A (Germany)
18:10–18:25     A genome-wide association study using a custom genotyping array identifies variants in GPR158 associated with reduced energy expenditure and increased BMI and body adiposity in American Indians
Mašindová I (USA/Slovakia)
18:25–18:40     EIF2S3 mutations are associated with x-linked MEHMO syndrome
Staník J (Germany/Slovakia)
18:40–18:55     Unweighted gene score as a BMI predictor in Czech males
Hubáček JA (Czech Republic)
19:45     Dinner at Restaurant “Hrad” (Bratislava Castle Restaurant)



Saturday, October 7th 2017

07:20–07:50     Morning Exercise activity (place TBA)
07:30–16:00     Onsite Registration
08:30–10:45     Management of obesity and its comorbidities
chairs: Hainer V (Czech Republic), Tsigos C (Greece)
08:30–08:50     Clinical evaluation of the obese patient
Tsigos C (Greece)
08:50–09:10     Very low energy diets: the past and presence
Hainer V (Czech Republic)
09:10–09:30     The renaissance of obesity pharmacotherapy
Olszanecka-Glinianowicz M (Poland)
09:30–09:45     Is obesity a real cardiovascular risk factor?
Forster T (Hungary)
09:45–10:00     Management of arterial hypertension in obese patients
Holecki M (Poland)
10:00–10:15     Mechanisms and potential targets of dyslipidaemia in obesity
Fábryová L (Slovakia)
10:15–10:30     Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease in overweight and obese patients
Skladaný L, Rác M (Slovakia)
10:30–10:45     Obesity-related nephropathy
Patasi A, Demeš M (Slovakia)
10:45–11:00     Coffee Break
11:00–12:00     Obesity and type 2 diabetes
chairs: Handjieva-Darlenska T (Bulgaria), Haluzik M (Czech Republic)
11:00–11:20     Prevention of type 2 diabetes through diet and physical activity: the PREVIEW study
Handjieva-Darlenska T (Bulgaria)
11:20–11:40     Targeting gastrointestinal tract in the treatment of obesity/type 2 diabetes
Haluzík M (Czech Republic)
11:40–12:00     Dulaglutide: a new once-weekly glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist in clinical practice
Schröner Z (Slovakia)
12:00–12:30     Lunch
12:30–14:00     Guided poster session I
12:30–14:00     Guided poster session II
14:00–15:15     Other co-morbidities of obesity
chairs: Donič V (Slovakia), Staníková D (Germany/Slovakia)
14:00–14:15     Obesity – risk factor of cancer?
Špánik S (Slovakia)
14:15–14:30     Obstructive sleep apnea and endocrinology
Donič V (Slovakia)
14:30–14:45     Excessive daytime sleepiness in acute ischemic stroke; association with obesity, diabetes mellitus, restless legs syndrome and sleep-disordered breathing
Šiarnik P (Slovakia)
14:45–15:00     Importance of different grades of abdominal obesity on testosterone level, erectile dysfunction, and clinical coincidence
Fillo J, Mucska I (Slovakia)
15:00–15:15     Higher estrogen level is associated with depression in obese men
Staníková D (Germany/Slovakia)
15:15–15:30     Coffee break
15:30–17:00     Nutrition, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
chairs: Kunešová M (Czech Republic), Kissová V (Slovakia), Slabá Š (Czech Republic)
15:30–15:45     Fat: relation to obesity development and management
Kunešová M (Czech Republic)
15:45–16:00     Fast versus slow weight loss: head to head comparison of effects on body composition and muscle strength in postmenopausal women with obesity – the TEMPO diet trial
Seimon RV (Australia)
16:00–16:15     Obesity and body image
Slabá Š, Herlesová J (Czech Republic)
16:15–16:30     Internet as help in reducing weight and maintaining weight-loss
Fraisová A (Czech Republic)
16:30–16:45     Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of obesity: Program STOB
Majerčák I (Slovakia)
16:45–17:00     Motivation of obese patients for changes in behaviour
Slabá Š (Czech Republic)
17:00–17:15     Vitamin break
17:15–18:05     Bariatric/Metabolic surgery II.
chairs: Holéczy P (Slovakia), Gerauer KE (Germany)
17:15–17:30     Jejunoileal anastomosis – novel procedure in bariatric/metabolic surgery – technical aspect
Holéczy P (Slovakia)
17:30–17:45     Effect of endoscopic gastroplasty and surgical plication of the stomach on bodycomposition: short term, 6 months study
Bužga M (Czech Republic)
17:45–17:55     Guillain-Barré-syndrome following laparoscopic sleeve resection
Gerauer KE (Germany)
17:55–18:05     Correlations between the distribution of ghrelin producing cells and anthropometric parameters in obese patients who underwent laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy
Mihalache L (Romania)
18:05–18:15     Final remarks


Basic obesity research – animal models

The impact of obesity on alternative renin-angiotensin system pathways in adipose tissue
Kršková K (Slovakia)

Adipose tissue contributes to rapid normalization of macrophage and liver-cell lipid handling during dietary reversal of obesity, despite continued inflammation
Vatarescu M (Israel)

Obesity brings forward the age-related changes of food intake regulation by anorexigenic neuropeptides in rats
Székely M (Hungary)

Hydrogen-rich water alleviates ethanol induced fatty liver via anti-oxidation and anti-inflammation in mice
Chih-Yen Chen (Taiwan)

Maternal consumption of high-fat diet alters hypothalamic notch pathway, NPY cell population, and food intake in mice offspring
Torsoni AS (Brazil)


Basic obesity research – clinical studies

Pigment epithelium derived factor and C1q/TNF-related protein 9 in patients with type 2 diabetes; their relationship to metabolic syndrome and vascular damage
Karásek D (Czech Republic)

Effect of aging on lipogenic potential of human subcutaneous adipose tissue and adipocytes
Rossmeislová L (Czech Republic, France)

Obesity and T2DM related changes of skeletal muscle secretory profile: in vitro and in vivo studies
Máderová D (Slovakia)

Diurnal changes of acetylcarnitine in human vastus lateralis muscle and response to exercise
Klepochová R (Austria, UK)

Functional state of muscle mitochondria in seniors with impaired glucose tolerance and mild cognitive impairment
Nemec M (Slovakia, Austria)

Concordance of bioactive vs. total immunoreactive serum leptin levels in children and adolescents with severe early onset obesity
Staník J (Slovakia, Germany)

Self-perceived fatigue and physical performance in Flemish school children
Provyn S (Belgium)


Bariatric/metabolic surgery

Nutrition management in bariatric metabolic surgery
Danková M (Czech Republic)

Extracellular DNA and bariatric surgery
Celec P (Slovakia)

Management of a chronic staple line leak following laparoscopic sleeve resection
Gerauer KE (Germany)

Are proton pump inhibitors associated with weight gain?
Hsien-Hao Huang (Taiwan)


Dietary patterns, disordered eating

Type 1 diabetes patients eating behaviour analysis – alarming results
Štechová K (Czech Republic)

How many risk factors affecting body weight reduction we know?
Buková L (Slovakia)

The effect of the regulation on the trans fatty acid content of foods
Varga A (Hungary)

Assessment of nutritional state of professional soldiers in the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic in view of new regulation about evaluating the health capability of active-duty service
Fajfrová J (Czech Republic)

Effect of chickpeas incorporation into “Mankoushe” on post prandial glycemia & lipidemia
Dandashi S (Lebanon)


Comorbidities obesity from interdisciplinary perspective

Non-invasive determination of liver fibrosis in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver and cardiometabolic risk factors
Szántová M (Slovakia)

Screening for risk factors of NAFLD in Slovakia
Skladaný L, Szántová M (Slovakia)

Fatty liver screening based on fatty liver index (FLI)
Hlavatá T (Slovakia)

Metabolic factors and non-alcoholic fatty liver in patients with impaired glucose tolerance
Sianni A (Greece)

Effects of a maternal Maillard reaction products-rich diet on offspring somatic and motoric development and metabolic status in a mice model
Šebeková K (Slovakia)

Prevalence and risks factors of new-onset diabetes mellitus after liver transplantation (NODAT): single-centre experience
Skladaný L (Slovakia)

Overweight, obesity, and putative contribution of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) to the patients undergoing liver transplantation (LTx) for etiologies other than NAFLD: analysis of the cohort
Skladaný L (Slovakia)

Obesity and posttransplant diabetes mellitus in Slovakia
Dedinská I (Slovakia)


Epidemiology, prevention and health promotion

Stability and changes in feeding cues and quality of mealtime interaction: A longitudinal cross-cultural study of British and Israeli mothers and infants
Shloim N (UK, Israel)

Contribution of GP to prevention of stroke in atrial fibrillation, how obesity can be dangerous
Macháčová M (Slovakia)


Management and Intervention

Three months aerobic-strength training and nutritional preference in relation with functional status, metabolism and cognitive functions in seniors with Mild Cognitive Impairment
Slobodová L (Slovakia)

Glucose metabolism, cognitive functions and physical (in)activity
Schön M (Slovakia)

The effect of 8 weeks of weight loss intervention on cardiometabolic parameters (ongoing study)
Penesová A (Slovakia)

STOB activities aimed at weight reduction and weight maintenance with regard on degree
of patients readiness

Málková I (Czech Republic)

Effect of weight loss on muscle strength and bone mineral density in adults with overweight and obesity – the PREVIEW study Australia
Seimon RV (Australia) CANCELLED

An evaluation of the impact of a midwife-led maternal obesity service on pregnancy outcomes and childhood obesity
Soltani H (UK)

The effect of mexiletine on body weight in type 2 diabetes patients with visceral obesity
Ueno N (Japan)


Basic obesity research – animal models

The different effect of angiotensin 1-7 receptor agonist (AVE 0991) administration on the local renin-angiotensin system of metabolically active tissues in obese Zucker rats
Lóry V (Slovakia)

The effect of high-energy diet on Zucker diabetic fatty rats
Capcarová M (Slovakia)

Administration of peroxisome proliferator-activator receptor alpha (ppar-alpha) agonist reduces body weight and adipose depots in fructose fed Wistar rats
Atanasovska E (Macedonia)

Involvement of maternal overnutrition on liver regeneration in offspring of mice submitted to partial hepatectomy
Torsoni AS (Brazil)

Feeding and metabolism altering attributes of the glucose-monitoring neurons in the cingulate cortex of the rat
Hormay E (Hungary)

Metabolic alterations after interleukin-1β microinjection into the cingulate cortex of the rat
Csetényi B (Hungary)


Basic obesity research – clinical studies

The use of newly discovered myokine irisin as a biomarker for individualised recommendation for physical exercise in obese individuals
Arhire LI (Romania)

Association between biomarkers of adipose-tissue inflammation and immune response: A meta-analysis
Aleksandrova K (Germany)

Assessment of the resting energy expenditure in obese individuals
Sadílková A (Czech Republic)

Linking adaptive response to regular exercise in muscle and brain
Jacková L (Slovakia)

Fat makes adolescents feel tired
Vantieghem S (Belgium)


Bariatric/metabolic surgery

Super obesity and bariatric surgery – is the gastric balloon always useful?
Gerauer KE (Germany)

Gastric perforation, a rare complication of gastric balloon (Case report)
El-Kurdi MAR (Egypt)


Dietary patterns, disordered eating

Food habits and nutritional status in Hungarian young people
Uvacsek M (Hungary)

Evaluation of nutrition-related risk factors among the Hungarian adult population
Nagy B (Hungary)

Which foods are deficient in the diet of patients with type 2 diabetes?
Buková L (Slovakia)

The dietary habits of the Hungarian adult population – Hungarian diet and nutritional status survey (OTÁP2014)
Nagy-Lőrincz Z (Hungary)

Investigation on the existence of eating disorders and differences to eating habits, in students aged 15-18 years old in the city of Nafpaktos, in resting conditions and in exams period
Milona AD (Greece)


Comorbidities obesity from interdisciplinary perspective

Association between lipoprotein(a) and fatty liver disease in non-alcoholic patients
Sianni A (Greece)

Adipokines adiponectin and leptin in relation with insulin resistance in the women with polycystic ovary syndrome
Atanasova Boshku A (Macedonia)

The level of anxiety in women seeking professional support in reduction of excessive weight
Bąk-Sosnowska M (Poland)


Epidemiology, prevention and health promotion

Half-century trends of obesity development in Slovak population – dietetic possibilities of obesity correction and its complications
Kajaba I (Slovakia)

Nutritional management at individual and community level within the Hungarian defence forces
Kenessy F (Hungary) CANCELLED

Consumer perspectives about weight management services in a community pharmacy setting in Albania
Pistja E (Albania)


Management and Intervention

Effectiveness of cognitive behavioral therapy on changes of anthropometric and biochemical parameters in group weight reduction courses
Vymlátilová L (Czech Republic)

Determination of slimming effect by auricular acupuncture stimulation – statistical analysis of 1017 female data
Fujimoto T (Japan)

Body contouring surgery in the massive weight loss patient
Boháč M (Slovakia)

Last updated on August 17, 2017